Explore videos of schools already using Relational Learning. These stories tell it all!

Watch firsthand personal opinions and experiences from those using Relational Education on a daily basis in this 45-minute documentary.

Microsoft showcases top innovations in education. It features the Fontan School as one of three best schools at the worldwide level.

Parents want a school that personalizes their students’ learning paths and constantly enable them to achieve excellence while respecting the student's learning pace.

A student's day. 

Testimonies from students and experienced educators on the adoption of Relational Education.

Microsoft Unlimited Potential team did a special video on how Relational Education works and how it prepares students to life.

Relational Education is showcased in this Microsoft Partners in Learning video as a pedagogy model that is transforming education

Maria Josefa Escobar: How Relational Education helped our students academically and transformed our school.

Concejo Municipal de Itagui: a public education institution with 3,500 students is the #1 school in Itagui, in academic performance.

Relational Learning provides personalized education for future pro tennis athletes at Academia Hacienda.

Discover how Chilean public schools learn under Relational Learning to reach every student's potential.

The transformative power of personalized learning.

Student Dario Velez from Ecuador presents at Voices for Education event.

Relational Learning alumni talk about their experience at college.

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