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Let's Rethink Online Learning

Are there online learning environments that can actually help students flourish?

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Fostering Innovation

Innovation uses cognitive skills to create new processes and new ways of performing tasks in our ever changing world.

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The Unwakened Potential

Transforming education and create a social and economic impact to a country, and the contribution of technology to the process.

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A Case Study by Microsoft

Relational Learning develops students’ learning autonomy, how they relate what they learn to their lives and reach excellence in everything they do.

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A Glimpse of FRE

Relational Education is a personalized pedagogy model proven to improve student academic performance.

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Rich Seam

Pearson has commissioned a series of papers by leading education thinkers to help clarify the huge education challenges of our era.

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An Inclusive System (German)

In different contexts and all across the world people are discussing “inclusion” and how to put it into practice, also in schools and in the classroom.

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