The parents' role on learning.

You no longer need to know math or science. Use these simple steps in this free crash course and witness your children's learning flourish!

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"I am just starting this training and already perceive two unexpected internal movements. The first is that this is not exclusively for students. I am myself thinking about how to transform and revolutionize […] myself as an educator. Im already an actor in this movie! The second is that this is a vital moment in our families when children are beginning to fly by themselves. So, in addition to working on my role as a teacher at school, I am working on my role as a father, putting myself into question, and getting ready to develop these autonomous [learning] skills." - José Ignacio, father and teacher.



It is all you need to develop your children's learning autonomy at home. 

Six steps to learn anything! 


How to foster habits of self-directed learning.

The learning habits you can practice at home.


Pick one (or both), learn, and practice.

You decide what and when.

Each course takes as little as 30 minutes!

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