Coming up: Spring 2021

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Becoming Einstein's Teacher

Awakening the genius in your students


Today's complex, fast-moving world demands workers who are constantly learning, can think flexibly, aren't afraid to make mistakes and change direction, and can contribute at the highest level of their individual talents. Today's education system, however, isn't designed to nurture those qualities.

This book shares an easily scalable learning framework, Relational Learning, that nurtures exactly those qualities—the genius within each learner—without requiring major changes in resource allocation or school curriculum. Incorporating the best of many modern pedagogies, Relational Learning enables each learner to practice and ingrain positive learning habits, while taking advantage of the brain's natural reward system to spark enjoyment for learning any subject.

The book demystifies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to teachers, discusses the potential of biological intelligence (BI), and presents arguments to help the reader think differently about human achievement in the AI era.

Author Erika Twani, Founder of Learning One to One and a former executive at Microsoft and Oracle, has helped schools around the globe implement the Relational Learning Framework. She has witnessed its success and scalability in low-income and high-income communities; for children of all types of backgrounds; with few or abundant resources; in urban and rural schools; in virtual, in-person, and homeschooling environments; and with a variety of curriculums.

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Release: Spring 2021.

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About the Author

Erika Twani is a learning enthusiast and an optimist focused on a better world built by humans with practical and useful skills and life purpose. She is co-founder and CEO of the Learning One to One Foundation, where, along with experts, she explores ways to foster human achievement through Relational Learning based on applied neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, and technology. Her philosophy is to simplify complex concepts and make them useful for everyone, starting with children.

Erika has advised government officials and education leaders around the world on the use of technology in education, has written various articles on the topic, and has worked with public and private schools to guide practical use of Relational Learning.

Innovation in learning usually happens in silos, and Erika wants to empower educators to bring it out of these silos and scale it. To do this, she uses insights, skills and experience from 20+ years of experience working with corporate technology companies enabled her to shape products and services for worldwide scalability. Her corporate experience has given her a clear understanding of large organizations’ challenges to motivate employees, foster creativity, and create long-lasting relationships with customers and partners, regardless of their locations.

Corporations benefit from the same principles identified in Erika’s work, as they implement simple learning and skill development processes that contribute to individuals’ personal growth, intrinsic motivation, and life purpose. Consequently, individual achievement results in the organization’s success.

Besides being an author, Erika is also an international speaker, adviser, avid reader, and adventurer. Most of all, she is a learner, committed to investing 20% of her time in learning. Her organization serves schools and institutions around the world with professional development, consulting services, and education technology. She has a B.S. in software engineering and an MBA in entrepreneurship. She also sits on various boards. Erika lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, with her husband, Brian.

Erika is the author of the upcoming book Becoming Einstein’s Teacher, releasing in Spring 2021.